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youth sport specific training


Sport specific training at PWR is catered to the youth athlete at any level: Elementary, JV, and Varsity

Whether you’re discovering the world of sport for the first time, trying out for the team, want to get more playing time, or reach an elite level, you deserve the best chance to reach your potential.


Without the right program for your athletic needs, your chance of success on the field decreases. Ensure your time and energy are spent on training that is effective in meeting the goals and dreams you set for yourself. PWR provides effective training programs for all levels


Every individual athlete has different needs and goals. Private training is the ideal path for athletes seeking completely individualized attention for optimal results.

semi-private training

Ideal for 2 or 3 athletes in the same sport, on the same team, or at the same training level, semi-private training is aimed to customize a program specific to the needs of the participants while cultivating a friendly competitive environment.


Elementary (Grades 3-5)

Developing fundamental athletic movement skills is vital. This establishes a child’s athletic foundation for improved performance, injury prevention, and long-term enjoyment of sports participation. Programs are designed to teach body awareness, introduction to foundational strength training, proper form and technique in skill exercises, and promote fun and friendly competition.

JV (Grades 6-8)

Proper movement techniques with increased force production lead to maximized long term potential. As athletes naturally increase in height, weight, strength and competitiveness, the need for improved joint and muscle integrity is vital for reducing the chance of injury.

Varsity (Grades 9-12)

During the high school years, athletes focus on repeated application of athleticism to create mastery. Advanced combinations of speed & agility training and specific strength development give athletes an advantage in competition.


Bringing a team together is just as important as teaching the fundamentals of the sport, and more important than winning. If a team learns to work together, they’ll play better together and have a better chance of a successful and enjoyable season. Pwr's coaches will bring creativity and fun while challenging the athletes through drills and skills to boost overall team performance.

Team training enhances the skills needed for a cohesive, successful team, including:

1.   Communication

2.   Leadership

3.   Understanding and respecting individual’s roles on the team

4.   Knowing each other’s abilities

5.   Trusting and depending on each other

6.   Morale and motivation


Our PWR Coaches customize our programs based on the team's need and will develop integrated systems to meet these demands.



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