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welcome to pwr!

your first day


The first minutes of class play a crucial role in your experience with us, which is why we ask first-time clients to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled class to receive a brief walk-through and orientation.

Be great, NOT late!

the demo


Listen up! The first 5 minutes of class is dedicated to your coach providing an explanation of the day's workout, followed by a demonstration of each movement to be performed, accompanied by helpful technique cues and tips.

the warmup


Our warmups are structured to match the specific demands of the daily workout. A mix of dynamic stretching and muscle & pattern activation, this approach will help prime your mind and body for the task at hand.

the workout


Once the timer starts, the workout itself will last 35-40 minutes. Workouts are predominantly strength-based, comprised of up to six movements, and incorporate core and cardio. Your Coach will deliver 1:1 attention and hold you accountable in an energetic group environment.

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the cooldown


Recovery is in our name for a reason. We end each workout with 2-3 minutes of recovery time. Whether you choose to stretch or simply breathe, this time is dedicated to resetting your mind, body, and soul before continuing on with your day.

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