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how to start

step 1: free discovery call

Start out by scheduling your free discovery call with a member of our professional team!

The purpose of this call is to learn who you are, your injury & exercise history, and what your goals are, so we can figure out how to best help bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We'll achieve this by asking questions and answering yours to learn if PWR is a good fit for what you're wanting and needing, and discuss next steps to start your path to success!

step 2: in-person consultation

During your free consultation, we’ll review and discuss your goals, your exercise history, and your specific needs. We also assess basic ranges of motion during a movement screening, along with strength balance testing and skill assessment if deemed appropriate. All information combined will allow us to begin to build a clear and custom plan of action.

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step 3: assessment

Work 1-on-1 with a PWR coachin Individual Training sessions to:

  • Evaluate your current movement

  • Learn more about your overall health

  • Assess your needs, preferences, and habits to craft a customized training plan to help you work toward the goals you came to us with

step 4: foundations

Continue 1-on-1 with a PWR coach in Individual Training sessions to:

  • Develop skill and understanding of intentional & safe movement

  • Understand the impact of capacity, recovery, and habits

  • Improve in areas necessary to help reach your goals

Foundations is essential to ensuring you’re confident and competent when moving to the next step.

step 5: growth

Once you and your coach determine together that you’re moving with confidence, competence, pain-free, and have achieved specific measurable goals, it’s time to grow and join small group (Ascend) sessions. During these sessions, you'll perform your custom program in a setting with up to 8 clients, and a professional Coach available to correct, cue, and provide feedback as needed to ensure continued growth and progression toward your specific goals.

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